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Massacare Pond by Paul Doiron Series: Mike Bowditch Mysteries on July 16, 2013 Genres: Mystery Published by Macmillan Pages: 320 Buy on Amazon Goodreads Edgar finalist Paul Doiron’s superb new novel featuring Game Warden Mike Bowditch and a beautiful, enigmatic woman whose mission to save the Maine wilderness may have incited a murder On an … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas


Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell on October 9, 2012 Genres: Fiction Published by Randon House Format: eBook Buy on Amazon Goodreads In this audacious and dazzling novel, Mitchell weaves history, science, humor, and suspense through six separate but related narratives, each set in a different time and place, each written in a different prose style, … Continue reading

Sweet, Romantic Clean Read: Dandelions on the Wind

by Mona Hodgson

Tattered relationships and broken hearts, like a quilt, can be pieced together by God’s love.

When Maren Jensen took a job on Elsa Brantenberg’s St. Charles, Missouri farm, she never expected to call the place her home. As she grows to love Mrs. Brantenberg and her granddaughter, Gabi, Maren is transformed from a lonely mail-order bride-without-a-groom to a beloved member of the Brantenberg household.

But when Gabi’s father, Rutherford “Wooly” Wainwright, returns to the farm unexpectedly, everything changes for Maren. Despite the failing eyesight that caused her suitor to reject her, she can see that Wooly desperately needs to reconnect with the family he abandoned when his grief sent him running toward the army—and into the Civil War. She also senses there could be something more between the widower and herself, if either can move beyond their past hurts.

Comforted and counseled by the wisdom of the women in her beloved quilting circle, Maren begins to discover the cost such decisions demand of her heart. Are her choices in obedience to God, or is she running from His plan? Is it too late for love to be stitched into the fabric of her life?

My thoughts…

The war has just ended and Rutherford Wainwright, also known as Wooly around town, returns to the family farm he left several years prior.  A deciding factor to his leaving was that his wife Gretchen suffered severe complications during the birth of their daughter Gabi and died.  The passing of Wooly’s wife weighed very heavy on his heart, he couldn’t bear to be around without his lovely wife and the war was a selfish escape for him.

Upon his return to his mother-in-law’s farm he meets Maren Jensen.  Maren moved to St. Charles from Denmark for a promise of marriage.  When the gent found out that Maren was losing her eyesight, he no longer wanted to keep his commitment.  Maren soon finds work work at the Brantenberg farm helping with chores and caring for little Gabi to pay her way for room and board.

Dandelions on the Wind by Mona Hodgson was a sweet, romantic story of two hearts grieving from loss and what it means to find love and hope again.   It was well written and touching.  I occasionally read this genre for a change of pace from the suspense/thriller/mystery genre I normally read.  It made for a nice change.  I would classify Dandelions on the Wind a true “clean read,” I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market for this type of book.

“She knew what it was like to set off for the unknown, albeit on a ship rather than in a covered wagon, and the feeling was no doubt the same — that of a dandelion on the wind.”

I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher Waterbrook Multnomah through the program Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated are my own.

Morgue Drawer Four

MourgeDrawerFourBy Jutta Profijt

Coroner is the perfect job for Dr. Martin Gänsewein, who spends his days in peace and quiet autopsying dead bodies for the city of Cologne. Shy, but scrupulous, Martin appreciates his taciturn clients–until the day one of them starts talking to him. It seems the ghost of a recently deceased (and surprisingly chatty) small-time car thief named Pascha is lingering near his lifeless body in drawer number four of Martin’s morgue. He remains for one reason: his “accidental” death was, in fact, murder. Pascha is furious his case will go unsolved–to say nothing of his body’s dissection upon Martin’s autopsy table. But since Martin is the only person Pascha can communicate with, the ghost settles in with the good pathologist, determined to bring the truth of his death to light. Now Martin’s staid life is rudely upended as he finds himself navigating Cologne’s red-light district and the dark world of German car smuggling. Unless Pascha can come up with a plan–and fast–Martin will soon be joining him in the spirit world. Witty and unexpected, Morgue Drawer Four introduces a memorable (and reluctant) detective unlike any other in fiction today.

Morgue Drawer Four was shortlisted for Germany’s 2010 Friedrich Glauser Prize for best crime novel.

My thoughts…

I found Morgue Drawer Four on the Amazon Prime list and thought it would be a great, fun, and light mystery in lieu of the knock-down, drag-out hard core suspense/thrillers that I usually read. It was light.  It was kinda funny.  But it was not great.  I so much wanted to like this book that I had lined up the other books in the series to read right after.  Needless to say, I will not be reading the rest of the series.

I agree with some of the other reviewers at Amazon that gave the book three stars or less.  It just didn’t do it for me.

The other books in the series, if you’re interested:

Morgue Drawer Next Door

Morgue Drawer for Rent

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Soiphia: Within

Free @amazon June 10, 2013, mark the date on your calendar.

I have been informed by the author that Sophia: Within will be free at amazon (Kindle only) June 10, 2013.  Please make sure that it’s still marked as free before purchasing.

Sophia: Within by Jordana Lizama


Only time will tell if Sophia, Alec and the world are ready to accept the mission that has been passed down for many generations. This is more than a story of reincarnation. This is a story that never ended following the reign of the Greek gods.

What has been hidden for thousands of years is about to surface in a small New England town. The impact on this rural village is ageless, but only the chosen time travelers know what is happening, the reason it is happening and how to control the outcome.

The Men of Ages have walked the Earth unnoticed since the time of Greek mythology and have kept their ancient war alive by transporting the lead warrior in a most unusual time machine. There is only one way to stop the cataclysmic demise of the human race and Sophia is the answer. But, Sophia is a teenage girl faced with many human and nonhuman desires that create a tortuous path from antiquity to the present day. Love conquers all; or, so it seems.

About the Author:

Jordy1 (1)

 Jordana Lizama is a new and exciting author who has just released a fantasy love story based on Greek mythology.

She was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She is 24 years old and still resides in the Mexican capital with her husband, Charlie, and daughter, Sophia. Her second child is due to arrive this August, 2013.

Jordy’s love for reading came from her father who made her and her brothers read an hour a day. She opened her eyes and her heart to literature from the very first time she read Little Women, which was the first book her father bought her. Like Sophia, Jordy had an insatiable appetite for both fiction and nonfiction throughout her school years. Her voracious reading was her foundation for experimental writing. After many failed attempts, Sophia – Within finally came to life.

Sophia – Within has been in the making for the last ten years. Jordy’s writing began as a process of trial and error. She was not formally trained as an author, but has sharpened her skill as a self taught writer since her early teen years.

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