Virginia Creeper

by Laura Wright

What other have said about Virginia Creeper

“. . . Laura Wright weaves suspenseful stories, which are full of local color and action . . . Wright . . . offers readers a fiction cocktail with a splash of The Twilight Zone and a twist of Hannibal Lecter. Wright takes readers on a paranormal journey through life, death, and something in between . . .”  -Scott County Virginia Star

“Just finished your book, couldn’t stop reading. You sure created a
‘page turner.’  -Poet, Donna Flood

“Before I read Ms. Wright’s book, I thought of stalking as an ‘inconvenience,’ one that could easily be handled by our justice system. Her story, an eye-opener, reveals the truly frightening scope of physical and emotional damage possible.” -Ms. Mary Ellen Knox, editor and publisher, Free Fiction

“The story is utterly compelling. I had to keep coming back for a few
chapters every day and I am still assimilating it. Very rich and well written.
Your characters are well drawn, realistic and believable and the horror that
Karen went through is chilling and yet uplifting because we know she
survived it!”  -Meg Britton

Virginia Creeper

This is a very well-written psychological thriller.  The paranormal facets nicely tie both the plot and the characters together throughout the book.  Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, a new twist will spiral you into another ghostly world of the paranormal.  An interesting and unpredictable read for those who appreciate an intense personal experience into the world of horror and unfathomable mind games.  Virginia Creeper will keep you guessing throughout the book; you will not stop until you reach the very end!

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I also read “Timeslips & Terrors” and found that Laura Wright has a way of writing that makes you think twice about some of your Déjà Vu moments in life.

The Last Refuge: A Dewey Andreas Novel

by Ben Coes

Product Description:

With time running out to stop the nuclear destruction of Tel Aviv, Dewey Andreas must defeat his most fearsome opponent yet.

Off a quiet street in Brooklyn, New York, Israeli Special Forces commander Kohl Meir is captured by operatives of the Iranian secret service, who smuggle Meir back to Iran, where he is imprisoned, tortured, and prepared for a show trial.

What they don’t know is that Meir was in New York to recruit Dewey Andreas for a secret operation. Meir had been tipped off that Iran had finally succeeded in building their first nuclear weapon, one they were planning to use to attack Israel. His source was a high-level Iranian government official and his proof was a photo of the bomb itself.

Dewey Andreas, a former Army Ranger and Delta, owes his life to Meir and his team of Israeli commandos. Now, to repay his debt, Dewey has to attempt the impossible —to both rescue Meir from one of the world’s most secure prisons and to find and eliminate Iran’s nuclear bomb before it’s deployed—all without the help or sanction of Israel or America (at the near certain risk of detection by Iran).

Unfortunately, Dewey’s first moves have caught the attention of Abu Paria, the brutal and brilliant head of VEVAK, the Iranian secret service. Now Dewey has to face off against, outwit, and outfight an opponent with equal cunning, skill, and determination, with the fate of millions hanging in the balance.

My take:

If you’re a fan of books filled with covert operations that seemingly fit into today’s military/political events then you should read “The Last Refuge”.

I read this book utilizing the text-to-speech feature on my kindle and found the writing to be very explicit in its characterization of people and events so much so that I was able to visualize the events as they played out, awesome.  This is the first book that I’ve read by this author, which happens to be the third in the series for Dewey Andreas.

“The Last Refuge” by Ben Coes “is” a page-turner, you’ll not want to put it down.


Inside Out

Excerpt from Inside out by Barry Eisler.

“This is the propulsive thriller that only former CIA operative turned bestselling novelist Barry Eisler could write.

Marooned in a Manila jail after a bar fight fatality, black ops soldier Ben Treven gets a visit from his former commander, Colonel Scott Horton, who explains the price of Ben’s release: Find and eliminate Daniel Larison, a rogue operator from Ben’s unit who has stolen ninety-two torture tapes from the CIA and is using them to blackmail the U.S. government.But other players are after the tapes, too, and to find Larison, Ben will have to survive CIA hit teams, Blackwater mercenaries, and the long reach of the White House. He’ll also have to find a way to handle Paula Lanier, a smart, sexy FBI agent who has her own reasons for wanting the tapes and is determined to get them before Ben does. With the stakes this high, everyone has an angle—everyone but Ben, who will have to find the right alliance if he wants to stay alive.

From the Hardcover edition.”

My Take:

First I’d like to thank Goodreads for winning this book in their First Read giveaway. When I started reading Inside Out by Barry Eisler I read it like any other fiction book, as fiction. This book is filled with many twists and turns of survival in the pursuit of finding CIA interrogation tapes of torture on the captured individuals allegedly responsible for the 9/11 hijacking and destruction of the twin towers in New York and the Pentagon building and the Pittsburgh hijacking and crash. As I came closer to the end of the book it became very clear to me that the events discussed in the book were actually true. The characters were very well articulated throughout the book and I felt as though I was right there in the midst of the action as I was reading.

It really hit home when I read the author‘s notes regarding the tapes and how finding them may overtake his story and his explanation stressing the fact that the tapes would never be found. The author’s source list of the events are overwhelming and gave me the feeling that things aren’t always what they seem in our nations government.

I would like to read Barry Eisler’s book “Fault Line” to have a better understanding of Ben’s life before this book.