Before Her Eyes

Before Her EyesBefore Her Eyes by Rebecca Forster
on January 4, 2010
Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
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In a remote mountain community, the execution of a grocer and the abduction of a world-renowned model leave the local sheriff searching for a connection, two killers and a woman who is running for her life. In the next 48 hours, Sheriff Dove Connelly will peel back the layers of intrigue beneath the tranquil camaraderie of his mountain enclave and find that nothing is what it seems.

As Dove sets his investigation in motion, Tessa Bradley, a hard assed Texas gal, faces off with her abductors. Her rangy beauty doesn’t mean a damn thing to the foreign men holding her at gunpoint. Just as one of them pulls the trigger, Tessa lashes out. Wounded but alive, she escapes her captors only to find greater peril lies ahead. As her life flashes before her eyes, Tessa struggles to stay alive, prays for rescue and fights for her soul's salvation.

“with death chasing behind what will she see…Before Her Eyes


That’s a product description that makes you want to read the book. I found “Before Her Eyes” very ingeniously engaging, believable in plot as well as the rich character development throughout. You find yourself guessing what the outcome will be but you will continue to read on because it becomes evident that things are not what they seem. Rebecca gives an attention-grabbing ebb and flow to the writing style that keeps your attention throughout as you find yourself right next to Sheriff Connelly helping him along his path to find Tessa alive, her kidnappers, murder suspects as well as encounter corruption along the way that threatens to deter him from doing his job. You won’t even begin to know how it will end until every last word is read.

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