Hi, I’m Karen, welcome to The Book Ends Reviews where one book ends and another begins.

I’ve always loved reading books.  So, my favorite reading gadget these days is my Kindle Touch, iPad, and B&N nook. Real books are forever on my shelves.  Books are precious.

I will never give up the real thing because I do like holding the books as I read but for traveling, driving, waiting at appointments, I will always use one of my electronic friends.

I’m always on the lookout for that new and exciting read on a daily basis so when ever I see something on sale that’s a good value I’m there to snatch it up.

I really want to get my books organized so that I can keep track of them all, so I’ve found a few apps for the iPad that I just love.  The app I like the most is pocketpedia3, this app works with the bookpedia app on my Mac and all I have to do is sync the two and I never have to worry about buying duplicates again.

Another great reference is Read, Remember, and Recommend.  I love this reference book so much and how much it’s opened my eyes to the reading world.


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